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 What is wrong with this picture?
​I captured these images with my cellphone camera. I hope to show that the there are many faces we show to the world. These photos represent the faces my friends showed to the camera in a single moment.

We have become obsessed with the way we are portrayed in the virtual world that we forget to live in the real world. Sometimes, the technology we use to connect us actually does the opposite. It isolates us.

All though in a crowded room, each one of these people is in their own world. This is the fourth floor lounge. A place for people to come together, yet when they do decide to, there are connecting but there are no face to face relations. They are all trapped by the glowing screen of their phones, tempted by the pull of social media. Allured by the idea of someone "liking" a photo. Captured by the idea of having lots of "followers" or "friends". They are "connected" but to what? 

They are connected to a world in which we will never actually be able to live in. A world separate from the one right there in front of them. I have never felt so much like an outsider. While taking these pictures I was in a room full of friends, yet, I felt alone. This is the face they were showing the real world. What face will you show?